Ferry Heilemann’s CLIMATE ACTION GUIDE for Entrepreneurs

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Droughts, wildfires and melting polar-caps: The climate crisis has become an existential threat to the life of mankind on planet earth. And the years that have passed since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement show: Governmental action alone is not enough to prevent a climate apocalypse. Therefore it is now time for entrepreneurs to accept responsibility and make a meaningful contribution towards solving the climate crisis. Ferry Heilemann is making this request as a seasoned serial-entrepreneur but also as a co-founder of the non-profit organisation Leaders for Climate Action.

Climate Action for Entrepreneurs

What are the major levers for companies to improve their carbon footprint? What are the low-hanging-fruits to reduce primary carbon emissions? How can a CEO effectively build climate-protection into the DNA of her or his company? How can such company build meaningful alliances with its suppliers, clients or peers? The Climate Action Guide is delivering practical measures, arguments and tools to enable companies to step up to their responsibility in our joint fight to stop global heating – which is last but not least also in each companies’ own interest to thrive sustainably in the future.

Chapter Preview

The Climate Action Guide comprises four chapters:
  1. Climate Crisis: What is the status quo? Why is the climate crisis also a business and economical issue? What are the advantages of acting now?
  2. Emissions Assessment: Break-down of emission-patterns by industry. Explanation of different models and framewokrs for emissions-assessment and reduction like GHG protocol, Scopes 1/2/3, right-based.on.science and more
  3. Reduction of Emissions: Concrete actions to reduce primary emissions of a company in areas such as mobility, energy, logistics, finance and nutrition. Guidance for carbon offsetting/compensation schemes.
  4. Go beyond: Spread the word and positively influence other people to take climate action, especially employees, partners, investors, politicians and the general public.
The Climate Action Guide has just been published in German as carbon-neutral paperback on recycled paper and can be ordered here. An English e-book will be coming soon (expected June 2021) – stay tuned!
Check out the review by Business Insider / Gruenderszene in German: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/perspektive/ferry-heilemann-climate-action-guide-buchauszug/